Nagar Valley

Golden Peak, Picture by Skinder

We are all familiar with the beauty of Hunza valley but there are too few who are familiar with the a valley named Nagar, Home to the glittering, snowy peak Rakaposhi , which is one of the reasons behind the popularity of Hunza valley. The Nagar valley falls down from the Karakoram Range just on the other of side of Hunza River. Both Hunza and Nagar lie parallel to each other and Hunza river acts as a boundary for both the regions. Majority of Nagar people, similar to people of central Hunza, and some villages of upper Hunza speak Brushaski which is an isolated language and is only spoken in some parts of Gilgit Baltistan. Formally both Hunza and Nagar were one and it was called Buroshall until it was divided into two parts by the Thum (king) of buroshall between his two sons and named them Hunza and Nagar Respectively. After the division both the regions became opponents and fought many wars. When a princess from Nagar fall in love with Mir Jamal Khan and they both get married, both the states become allies and abandoned fights.
 Geographically Nagar region is divided in to 2 parts, known as Nagar 1 and Nagar 2 and both the region has lush green valleys.Every year a number of tourists from around the world visit Nagar valley. The Aquamarine is one of important and famous gem that has increased the popularity of Nagar valley. There is a mine in Summayer Valley Nagar and is known as Chumar Bakor. Apart from the earnings from the mining, tourism is a major source of people of Nagar Valley. The most famous tourism points of Nagar valley are;

Rakaposhi, Picture by Ciao Paolo
    Rush Lake