Shangri-La Resort

The word Shangri-la has been taken from the book Lost Horizon written by James Hilton in 1933. The story is based on a place named Shangri-la on the highlands of the Himalayas where a group of plane crash survivors comes and reveal a surprising revelation. Thus the fictional name of the novel has been used in as the famous resort name.
Skardu is the main city of Baltistan region and it has a number of tourism attraction points. One of the most popular places that have the maximum number of tourists is the Shangri-La resort. Analyzing the beauty of Skardu The resort was founded by brigadier Aslam in 1983. He knew that it’s going to be considered in famous resorts of Pakistan thus the resort has been a set of various Pakistani serial as well as a number of visitors from different cities and abroad visit the resort every year. It has been a symbol of warm, welcoming place for tourists over decades.
Shangri-La has a variety of local food items along with continental dishes list. For the adventure lovers there are a number of places to visit while residing at the resort. The resort has boating facility along with fishing and tennis court and free internet service.  Tourist can enjoy 4 different seasons in Skardu and visit the resort throughout the year.
The artificial lake and residential areas of the resort are of international standards where tourists spend a quality time and enjoy the beauties of nature and enjoy the quiet and peaceful environment with friend and family. Shangri-La is a symbol of natural beauty and a master piece of modern architectural design with a theme of the Buddhist architecture style. The amalgamation of both modern and Buddhist styles of architecture has been resulted in raking the resort on top on Gilgit Baltistan tourism points.
It is situated in a location from where tourist can hire a jeep  go to visit famous places such as Sadpara Lake, Deosai and many other tourism points.