Hunza got talent

Gilgit Baltistan has always produced talented youth in Various fields. The famous Mountaineer Samina Baig,cricket player  Diana Baig and many others who are representing Pakistan on
international level are a great example. 
The upcoming star Junaid Alam, famous for his cover “See you Again” from the movie Furious 7 whose video has gone viral is talented boy from Lower Hunza Pakistan. He sang the song as a New Year greeting for all his colleges in a camp in Islamabad and his cousins on New Year’s Eve and posted on Facebook.  He joined Facebook some days before posting the video
and it was then every body on social media witness his talent. He has been a cricket lover, plays soccer and also loves to read.
He is not only blessed with a melodious voice  but also has been very good at studies and always scored higher grades in his class. He want to become a doctor and we can imagine him as a singing doctor of future .
Junaid is not the only singer in his family, his Younger brother Siraj Alam also is a really good singer and is very good at rap. We wish them both a bright singing career!


  1. wow its really creative skill great little bro

  2. yeah ....its true which u wrote

  3. Amazing. Greetings from Albania. Success!

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