About Author

Its Samina. I grew up primarily in a small village of around 100 households in Hunza valley, Gilgit Baltistan. Attended primary school in my own village but when I passed 5th grade, it was so difficult for my mom to decide where to send her kids for further studies. She was alone to take care of 4 children because our dad was working in city to give us a better life and enroll us in a good school. We had a self help community based high school in the village but the quality of education there was of no value so my mom decided to send us to a school in a village nearby. She fought with people who were creating hurdles and wanted us to go to the community school. She managed to enroll us in the schools she wanted. I still remember the walk of 30-45 minutes in harsh weather conditions. Rainfall, land sliding and storms accompanied us for three years. There were also some unforgettable moments that I cherish till now, one of my cousins used to carry my bag on front and wear his on back while returning home.
Alright now I’m confessing something on behalf of all my fellows (sorry guys and girls if you have issues with my confession :D), we all use to eat cherries, apricots, and other fruits from orchards on the way to home without asking the owners and it was the most adventurous and memorable thing we did. Sometimes we get caught. They would have cursed us for doing so but it was so damn fun and we couldn’t resist. And many times the owners didn’t say anything and some of them offered us hungry people buckets of fruits. 
On the completion of my middle school, I wanted to attend AKHSS Hunza I appeared in test and cleared  but was failed in interview!!!! I didn't give up so, moved to Gilgit with my brothers. We lived there for 2 years at our aunt’s place than moved to Karachi. 
As being an introvert adjusting with the new culture, meeting people with a language I’m not so much familiar with was strenuous. Although Urdu is our national language but here in our schools of urban areas we are all taught mostly in our mother tongue. However I managed everything and currently perusing MBA from a renowned university. Beside this I've started a library in my village in Hunza. Recently we have around 100 members who regularly spend 3 hours on reading at our library. Mayoon Library project was a self help project and all the reading stuff was donated by my friends from university and my other friends and PISE. Anyhow my team from different villages of Hunza aims to start a computer learning center this summer and with time we will be upgrading to a learning center in years ahead.

Well I think this is enough for my readers to know about me.  ;)