It's again is a dish we make during  Nasalo  and preserve it to consume later on chilly days of winter specially Baw-no. Gittey( Git: singular) , more or less looks and taste like sausages, made with intestines of the sacrificed animal on the occasion of Nasalo/Nos.

Ingredients Required:
·         Intestines of  cow/sheep/ox/goat
·         Wheat flour or buckwheat flour or minced meat for filling 500g
·         Salt to taste
·         Red crushed chili
·         Coriander powder
·         Mint powder
·         Water to boil
·         3 Onions of medium size
·         Cooking oil two table spoon
How to make the filling?
·         Take bowl put wheat flour, buckwheat flour or minced meat.
·         Add salt, crushed red pepper and 2 chopped onion and mix the ingredients gently.
·         If yiu want meat mixture
a.      Take a pan heat put two table spoon of cooking oil
b.      Put the meat mixture in it and cook it for 15 minutes
c.       Cool the mixture
How to fill the intestines?
·         Clean intestines very carefully and properly.
·         Fill the mixture into the intestines. Be careful while filling and avoid making holes because the layer of intestines are very thin.
·         When intestines are filled make knots on both sides so the filling doesn’t spill out.
How to cook?
·         Take a deep pan and boil water add salt, 1 chopped onion, mint and coriander powder.
·         Put the filled intestines and cook for 35 -45 minutes.
·         When it is cooked, drain the water to a bowl and put the gitty in a dish.
You can serve it by cutting into slices with the soup. Normally we Preserve it  and serve with different dishes on different ocasions untill the harvesting festival, Ganoni/Ginani. The soup of these boiled intestines is used to make another dish called sharadi / Garma, it's not a dish that  can be preserve so we enjoy it once we are done cooking.
In case you want to make this dish as an alternative of sausage and preserve ,  do not cut it into slices and keep in fridge.