Call it a game of violence or game of fun, everyone who plays becomes an addict to it. Te-ree one of my favorite childhood game, that makes me laugh every time I recall the name or play. Recently I introduced it to my best friends and they just loved it. In fact when I feel sleepy while studying my friend play this game to wake me up! I know every one of you love a little dose of violence when you are with your Betties or siblings and the most exciting thing you adore is the right to slap them! I’m in no doubt that every one of you have been slapped at least once in life  by a friend, while playing or might be for doing something wrong. The feeling of slapping others is indescribable in words instead I would say it’s a game pleasure and fun that can only be felt and experienced. Anyone can play it but he or she must have the courage to get slapped! The game is not for those typical boring folks who feel ashamed thinking about their image among peers. To play Te-ree you need to get your ego aside if they want to play it.
 Well the rules are quite simple and it may seem childish but you all know the famous saying “never kill your inner child” this quote goes with our Te-ree game because people around will call you insane but who cares!!!
Basically there are more than two players in this game, who tries to slap you on your cheeks and you have to protect yourself with your hands by covering your cheeks with them, each member of the game is an opponent to you thus you needs to keep all your senses awake to be safe and not to get slapped as anyone can attack you from any direction. If the opponent slaps you while your cheeks are covered then he/she become dismissed from the game. It’s a rule not to attack that person who is hiding his cheeks under his/her hands.
 We used to play this in our school days more than a decade ago. We always loved it and have great memories of playing it. We laugh a laughed, get slapped some time hardly but it was fun. Few days back when I introduced to my friends, one of them suggested me to write about this game because she loved it. We play it almost daily, or say when we want to irritate a friend who seems bored. I have a friend she never slaps her friends so we used to target her knowing that she won’t slap but thanks to the inventor of the game she slapped back hard and we made her to break her rule of not slapping others.
The word Te-ree itself seems funny while pronouncing it, it is derived from the Tshina exclamation word “tar” which indicates the action of getting slapped and the sound that slap makes. If someone slaps you for real in anger the explanation word for it will be “tar” otherwise if you are playing you would say “Tir”.

Do try this at home :)