Zero Point, Rakaposhi

Zero Point of Rakaposhi

The 11th highest peak of Karakorum Range and 27th highest peak of the world, Rakaposhi, with an elevation of 7788m is situated in heavenly Nagar Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan.the Parent Mountain is Khunyan Chiss, the second highest mountain of Hisper Muztag. It’s a point of tourist attraction from all around the world and one best place for hikers, mountain lovers. The first mountaineers who ascent Rakaposhi in 1958 were two British, Mike Banks and Tom Patey.
Zero point Rakaposhi, is the closest point to Rakaposhi at Gulmat, Nagar. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the peak from Karakorum Highway while traveling to Hunza or from Hunza to Gilgit. But if you want a more beautiful clear view you have to travel through lower Hunza villages ( Hussainabad, Mayoon and Khanabad) from where you can see the whole surroundings of Rakaposhi and nearby peaks very clearly. For photographer I will recommend to travel through lower Hunza, the road is not good but if you are visiting the area after spending you money you would want to have so beautiful picture of natural beauty of Rakaposhi and it’s only possible if you visit via the rout mentioned.

 Enjoy your trip :)