Go-lee/ Giyaling

We have a variety of  appetizing traditional food,that are  served on special occasions or  to special guests.Go-lee is one of my favorite dish and i loved it since my child hood.I still remember  my mami(mom)  preparing for it on the occasion of Ganoni and us (me and my brothers)  sitting around the Bukhari (local stove) in excitement and wait till the last Go-lee was made and along with  Dadii (Grandmother) we used to pay a visit to our wheat fields for rituals of Ganoni,Dadiii holding  holding a platter of Go-lee and all of us behind her.what beautiful days those were!

basically it is served in breakfast with tea .its kind of weird for some people to add salt in tea instead of sugar but in northern Pakistan drink saltish tea and the combination of Go-lee and tea is savory if  ginger and black pepper is added in tea.

I would love my readers to try the tempting dish at home so here you go .

Ingredients and utensils you need.
  1. Plain flour  500g
  2. Eggs 2
  3. Salt (as per requires)
  4. water 2 cups(milk optional)shift it on a flatter
  5. Butter (home made) 200g
  6.  Cooking oil 1 table spoon
  7. Deep bowl 
  8. Coffee scoop
  9. Pan
  10. platter
  11. Table spoon
  1. Take a large deep bowl.add flour, a table spoon butter and salt to taste. 
  2. Whisk eggs well and add them on the flour bowl.
  3.  Add water and whisk all the ingredients until they are  mixed well.
  4.  You can add a pinch of baking powder but its optional.
  5.  Heat a pan over  moderate heat and grease it with cooking oil. 
  6. Fill coffee scoop of mixture and spread it on the preheated pan adjust the heat accordingly.
  7. if the temperature is right it will turn golden/brown underneath in 50 seconds.
  8. If it is golden flip it to cook the other side and cook it for another 40 seconds.flip it again and cook for 15 seconds
  9. when Go-lee is cooked well shift it on a platter take a table spoon of butter and spread well.
  10. repeat the process(step 6-9) to make another Go-lee.
Happy Eating  :)