Picture Shari Badat the Cannibal Sheen king (Raa) 0f Gilgit Baltistan is one of the most important figures in Gilgit's history. He is the last Sheen king.
Illustration by Jayachandran/MinT
According to the tales of Gilgit it is said that his subjects were to give him a lamb every day for meal. It was mandatory for everyone to bring it to his palace and they followed him without any objection as he was the ruler. Once there was a poor woman she had only one sheep that died after giving birth to a lamb, there was no other way to provide milk to the little lamb so the lady feed the lamb with her own milk then it was her turn to send the king a lamb, she only had that lamb so she brought it to the palace for that day’s meal. The lamb was slaughtered and meal was cooked by his servants. When they served the meal and he had his first bite it was the most delicious meal he had tasted so far. When he was done with his meal he called his servants and inquired why the meal was so tasty and who brought lamb for meal. They answered about the poor woman, he ordered his servants to bring her to the palace, and they followed what he said. That poor woman was in front of him, he asked her why the lamb' meat was that much tasty as compared to the meat he had in his meals so far. She replied him that the lamb was brought up by feeding her own milk. He was amazed and it was the point when the wicked thought came into his mind. He thought if a lamb brought up with the milk of this poor woman tastes so good how much pleasure it will give when he eat human flesh! thus, he decided to change the rule. He declared that from now onwards he wants a human baby every day for his meal and his people were subjected to obey him.

PictureIt was very hard for them to follow his order but once an order was made there was no way for denial .He started consuming human flesh by killing a baby every day. His people were worried allot because he was eating up all the new born kids so they went to his daughter Miyo Khai and asked for the help. The princess with her husband Azur Jamshed agreed to help the people of Gilgit and planned to stop the cruelty of the king. They decided to bring him to death but there was a big problem as the king was not an ordinary human being he had some magical powers. He couldn’t be killed with a simple sword or by poisoning as his life was associated with something that even Miyo doesn’t knew. She cleverly trapped him and found the truth that his life is associated with butter (Gew).She thought he can only be killed by melting all the butter they have in the palace. They all made a plan, According to which she will melt all the butter on fire at night while the people were ordered to bring a bunch of burning alpine sticks with them. They dig the front part of the palace and cover it with dry grass so he couldn’t see it so when the king feel the heat in his heart while his daughter will be melting the butter and he will try to come out for fresh air and will fell into the den and they will burn him. The plan was successful he came out and fell into the well they put all the burning fire in their hands on him but he disappeared and never came back.
It is said that he was appeared in Hanzel ,situaded in between Gilgit city and Punyal. A man was working in his field while his woman was bringing him meal when she saw Shari Badat he asked her for a glass of water but she didn’t have water so she gave him a glass of wine. He cursed her by saying if you would have offered me water I would have blessed your coming generations by saying ("shall daryae boo"="may you have 100 sons") but, you offered me wine I will say ("sat daryo jo body na bo" may your wont have more than 7 sons") by saying this he disappeared again. it is said that he is still in the glaciers of Ishkoman and will one day come back and take revenge from the people of Gilgit baltistan.Any how Since then in the memory of that day every year on December 21st the the death of Shari Badat is celebrated every year and that day is called Noce or Nasalo by Shina speakers.

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